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Mountaineering in Nepal

Chulu East Base Camp
Chulu East Base Camp

How much can be said about the Himalayan giants encountered in Nepal, or how much can be added to the legendary climbs that have taken place on the eight of the highest summits of the world that are in Nepal?

Indeed, the top of the world is on the Tibetan-Nepalese border, known as Sagarmatha under its south face and Chomolongma on the Northern side.

But Mt. Everest as Westerners have named it barely keeps under its shadow all the other mountains above 8,000 mtrs and only its prestige as the highest makes it a dream destination to all climbers in the world.

The small Himalayans or “Trekking Peaks”

Nepal 2006

Mountaineering in Nepal is to stand on top of a Himalayan peak, and feel the sense of achievement of having scaled a mountain much bigger than anything in the Alps is the 'ultimate dream' for many trekkers, and indeed climbers. In 1978 the Nepal Mountaineering Association designated a number of peaks throughout Nepal as 'trekking peaks', which could be attempted with a minimum of bureaucracy or formality, and this has allowed the 'dream' of a Himalayan ascent to be realised for many people. A more appropriate title, however, would be expedition peaks as none can be 'trekked up' and some present serious mountaineering challenges.

These trips are ideal for those wishing to combine a trek with an ascent of an accessible Himalayan summit.

Pokhalde Peak Base Camp
Pokhalde Peak Base Camp

Climbing expeditions:-

Pokhalde Peak (19,049ft / 5,806mtrs)

Island Peak (20,305ft / 6,189mtrs)

Tent Peak (Tharpu Chuli) (18,045ft / 5,500mtrs)

Chulu East (20,341ft / 6,200mtrs)

Lobuche East (20,075ft / 6,119mtrs)

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